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Our people

Changing gears in a scientific career

GSK medic, Emma Hilton, tells us about her career in science and how she makes hard work easier.

Our people

From academia to industry: a new challenge

Professor Christopher Cooper joined GSK as a Global Medical Expert, Scientific Faculty, GSK Global Respiratory Franchise. Here he explains why he chose to move from academia to industry.

Patients & consumers

Struggling for breath

Claudette, 54, stops on the short walk between the bus stop and her nearby apartment. She needs to catch her breath. She is a grandmother of two, and suffers from COPD.

Patients & consumers

Living with COPD Every Day: Sean’s Story

Pinch your nose and try breathing through a straw? Not so easy, right?


Scientists or detectives? Seeking new clues in COPD

We continuously strive for new opportunities to evolve our understanding of COPD that will help us meet individual patient needs.

Patients & consumers

Veterans continue to fight for respiratory health

After serving their country, many veterans face long-term health challenges but sometimes symptoms may not appear for decades and aren’t quickly recognized, aggravating their condition.

Patients & consumers

A birthday wish: for all COPD patients to live every breath

Wendy shares how COPD has impacted her family, and what she’s learned about our company from her 87-year-old Aunt Barb.

Patients & consumers

A family diagnosis motivates me to make a difference for people with COPD

As a medical professional, I’m inspired every day to make a difference for COPD patients. As a doctor of pharmacy, I came to GSK motivated by the opportunity to have an impact on patient care.

Our people

Breathing life into an idea for a respiratory medicine

Meet Mark Luttmann, one of our respiratory pioneers. Mark was on the drug discovery team for a key component of several of our COPD medications.

Our people

The journey from research to respiratory treatment

Meet Elaine Jones. She heads up a team that follows each step of a respiratory medicine’s journey from research to becoming a treatment.

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