How can we make the biggest impact on young people’s health?

In Philadelphia, we think by reaching kids in-school, after-school and in their communities with fun and engaging programs to teach healthy behaviors and how to be strong leaders that we can make a huge difference.

The GSK IMPACT Grant for Philadelphia is a $5 million, 3-year program we are administering through The Philadelphia Foundation to support Get HYPE Philly!, a collective of 10 Philadelphia nonprofits led by The Food Trust.  

We have been in Philadelphia since 1830, but that’s not the only reason why Philadelphia was chosen for the GSK IMPACT Grant program - Philadelphia was recently listed as the least healthy county in the state of Pennsylvania, which means that kids growing up in Philadelphia are likely to live a shorter life of poorer quality than kids in other parts of the state.

Despite these challenges, we are excited about Philadelphia’s recent progress towards improving health measures, including the recent reversal in childhood obesity, and hope our GSK IMPACT Grant program will help us keep moving towards a healthier Philadelphia.

Get HYPE Philly! will expand The Food Trust’s successful HYPE (Healthy You, Positive Energy) youth leadership model into after-school and community programming in underserved areas of North Philadelphia.  Get HYPE Philly! is projected to reach over 50,000 young people by 2017 – helping them to make healthier choices everyday and having them lead the way to a healthier community.

The Get HYPE Philly! Collective is made up of the following 10 member organizations:

Factors such as the accessibility of fresh and healthy food and recreational spaces, the support of families and social networks, as well as educational and economic opportunities contribute to our health and present a formidable challenge for GSK to achieve our mission of helping people to do more, feel better and live longer. By supporting collective impact initiatives like Get HYPE Philly! and encouraging nonprofits to work together towards a common goal, we expect to make a sustainable change in the health outcomes for young people in Philadelphia.