At GSK, we know that place matters when it comes to health – there are communities across the United States where people have shorter lives and poorer health because they lack access to healthy foods, safe places to play and exercise, quality jobs or education and social support.  In order to make sustainable changes, we need to support individuals as well as the local organizations that serve them to make their own communities healthier places to live, work and thrive.

That’s why we’ve launched the GSK IMPACT Grant program to fund groups of nonprofit organizations working collectively to improve the infrastructure of a community and make individuals – especially young people – healthier.

Through the GSK IMPACT Grant program, we support:

  • Young people’s development of healthy behaviors and leadership skills, and
  • Nonprofit organizations working smarter and collaboratively

Learn more about how out GSK IMPACT Grants are helping our kids lead the way to a healthier community.

Questions about GSK charitable grants can be directed to GSK US Community Partnerships staff at