How we do it

Everyone at GSK focuses on three priorities: Innovation, Performance, Trust


We invest in scientific and technical excellence to develop and launch a pipeline of new products that meet the needs of patients, payers and consumers.

R&D scientist_lab


  • $5bn in R&D investment in 2017
  • 3 significant approvals in 2017 – Shingrix, Trelegy Ellipta and Juluca
  • $8.7bn in new product sales in Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines in 2017
  • 13% of Consumer Healthcare sales in 2017 from product innovations launched over the past three years



We aim to achieve industry-leading growth by investing effectively in our business, developing our people and delivering flawlessly.

Consumer Health lab


  • $39.2bn total turnover in 2017
  • $11.2bn adjusted operating profit in 2017
  • $4.4bn free cash flow in 2017
  • $5bn dividends paid in 2017





We commit to ensuring the quality, safety and reliable supply of our products; and to building trust through our approach to engagement, pricing, global health and being a modern employer.

African female and child


  • 85% of employees are proud to work at GSK
  • $340m donated in 2017 to local communities through product donations, time and cash
  • 1st in Access to Medicines Index all 5 times since its launch in 2008



Our values and expectations

Our goal is to be one of the world's most innovative, best performing, and trusted healthcare companies. For us, this work starts right here in the US.

Whether from our Vaccines R&D headquarters in Maryland, our R&D Hub in Pennsylvania, or from one of our nearly 10 manufacturing sites across America, our employees and our values of patient focus, transparency, respect, and integrity are at the heart of everything we do.